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The Cookery School ran in Glasgow for nearly 20 years with over 70,000 customers in that time before closing down in 2015.

It was the brainchild of Brian Hannan, who set up The Cookery School because he could not find anywhere locally to teach him how to cook. Brian has also organised the annual Scottish Chef Awards and edited The Flavour of Scotland cookbook and also wrote Great Scots in The Cookery Business. Thanks are due to the chefs who lent their culinary skills and imagination to the school over nearly two decades. They are: John Webber, Iain McMaster, Kenny Wilson, John Quinn, David Gamble, Danny McArdle and guest chefs like Jim Kerr and Tony Heath. In addition, a debt of gratitude is owed to two managers: David Clancy and Maddy Wotherspoon as well as all the staff who assisted customers and helped with the cleaning up.

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