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Tortilla ( makes  8 large)

Fine Cornmeal / 00 flour450g / 1lb
Olive Oil2 Tablespoons
Tepid Water600ml / 1 1/4pt

Mix the flour, salt and olive oil. Add the water slowly, kneading for about 5 minutes until soft and slightly sticky. Cover with a damp cloth and leave. Divide into balls of dough the size of 50p. Roll each ball to 10cm in diameter and to 2mm thickness. Heat in a dry pan.or griddle. Cook until the tortilla changes colour. Turn over and repeat. Keep warm until needed.   

Chicken Fajitas (makes 2  )

Cooked Tortillas4 ???
Chicken Breast1
Cajun/Fajita Spice1 Teaspoon
Garlic1 Clove
Vegetable OilSplash
Salsa1 Teaspoon
Soured Cream1 Teaspoon
Guacamole1 Teaspoon
Grated Mozzarella60g / 2oz

Slice the peppers, mushrooms, onion and chillies. Crush the garlic. Slice the chicken and mix with the spices for 5 minutes. Heat a sauté pan with oil. Cook the chicken for 5 minutes.  Add the onions, then the garlic chillies and mushrooms, then the jalapenos.

Place half the mixture in the middle of a tortilla. Sprinkle with cheese, salsa, soured cream and guacamole. Roll.

Guacamole (serves 4)

Ripe Avocado3
Ground CuminPinch
ChilliTo Taste
Coriander4 Sprigs

Skin, de-seed and chop tomato. Chop coriander. Chop onion. Juice limes. Dice avocado flesh. Mix with lime juice then mash. Add onion, cumin, chilli and coriander. Serve with tortilla chips and batons of raw vegetables. If using as a sauce and not a dip, then add salt.

Chilli Con Carne (serves 6-8)

Lean Mince1 Kg / 2.2lb
Chicken Stock225ml / 1/2pt
Garlic4 Cloves
Fresh Oregano2 Tablespoons
Jalapeno Chillies2
Chilli Powder½ Teaspoon
Chopped Tomatoes2 x 400g Tins
Kidney Beans2 x 500g Tins Cooked
Tomato Puree2 Tablespoons
Plain Flour2 Tablespoons
Vegetable Oilsplash
Plain Flour2 Tablespoons

Chop the oregano, onions, garlic and jalapeno. Drain the kidney beans. Heat the stock. In a hot pan, put the beef. Season. Seal. Add onions, garlic and chillies. Cook for 5 minutes. Add the chilli powder, tomatoes and tomato paste. Dust with the flour and stir in for 4 minutes. Add the stock, kidney beans with the tomatoes. Bring to the boil. Simmer for 30 minutes. Add the oregano. Season. Serve with tortilla.

Tomato Salsa (serves 2)

Ripe plum tomatoes2
Red onion¼
Olive oil4 tablespoons
Coriander1 sprig
White wine vinegar1 tablespoons

Chop the tomatoes, onion, pepper and coriander. Finely chop two tomatoes along with the pepper, onion, coriander, oil and vinegar. Mix together.

Potato & Chorizo Quesadillas (serves 4)

Potatoes350g / 12 Oz
Garlic2 Cloves
Green Chilli1 Small
Mature Cheddar100g / 3oz
Mozzarella100g / 3oz
Olive OilSplash
Thyme1 sprig
Chorizo200g / 7oz

Finely chop the onion. Chop the chilli and garlic. Dice the chorizo. Grate the cheese and mix both cheeses together. Boil the potatoes until soft. Crisp in the oven. In a pan heat a little oil and cook the onion, garlic and chilli till soft. Add the chorizo and potato. Add the thyme. Spread the mixture onto one half of a tortilla.. Sprinkle with the cheese. Fold in half and brush with a little. Cook in pan until crisp. Turn over and colour the other side. Cut into portions to serve. Serve with salsa.


Cut up tortillas then cook in oven for 3-4 minutes until crisp and brown.


Author: Brian Hannan

I am a published author of books about film - over a dozen to my name, the latest being "When Women Ruled Hollywood." As the title of the blog suggests, this is a site devoted to movies of the 1960s but since I go to the movies twice a week - an old-fashioned double-bill of my own choosing - I might occasionally slip in a review of a contemporary picture.

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